Distributing the pearls is really simple! The magnetic original energy is all-embracing, neutral and thus adapts to the specific requirements of a location. This makes it easy to find a suitable location - they are supportive everywhere: in wilderness or civilisation, towns, woods, power places, industrial sites, historical sites, public places, ... Waters generally are good - water easily absorbs information and energies and carries it further.


Placing the pearl is simply a mindful dedicating it to earth. No more is required. The energy finds its way. Your inner attitude is crucial - a sentiment of serving the planet. This way the energies can easily be integrated and the pearl gets deeply anchored.


If you like doing so, you can offer a prayer or make a ritual - whatever you feel appropriate. What you add from yourself (as far as it is in accordance with the universal order) connects and automatically gets integrated. Thus the pearl also is useful for any kind of earth healing work. It amplifies and anchors it. In a group ritual for example all members can take the pearl in their hands and give it their heartful intention.


A pearl takes effect widely - it radiates for miles. Therefore you need not place them closely. They not only affect the single tree but the wood, not the building but the settlement. There is no fixed minimum distance, typically it might be at least one to three miles. - Just think big!