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"Today we have handed over our magnetic pearl close to a wonderful tree. The being of the tree had agreed to receive the magnetic pearl and to pass the energy on to the other trees and to the soil.
Many treasures have been extrapolated here during centuries of mining. The earth has given so much.
We were filled with thanks to be able to give back something so beautiful as the strength of the magnetic pearl was so present and is now able to connect with all other distributed pearls."


"Today I went into the forest and placed the pearl after I had asked the guardian of the place for permission. Many natural beings were already moving around excitingly on the path leading up to the place in question. It was very special and moving.
The sky had been thick with clouds that day. But as I was arriving at the place where I had wanted to hand over the pearl, the sun shone through the clouds. As I had finished my ritual and handed over the pearl, the clouds grew thicker again."


"In a beautiful ritual I have handed over the pearl to Mother Earth and the keeper of the place. The pearl began to sparkle in all colours of the rainbow and even in the stone, where it was gently placed it radiated. The spirits of nature were my companions, many beings have given their blessing and at the end the sun also blessed this very special place.
I am able to feel how slowly its strength flows deep into the waters of the area and the healing that started. It is nice to know that my-your pearl is now part of the network of pearls, that Mother Earth is being supported in her transformations in this beautiful, calm and soft manner.
I have felt the unbelievable power it is inhabited with when I held it in my hand."


"Four of your wonderful pearls we regardfully put down at energetically very crucial places around here. And it's really amazing, how energies have expanded since then. The magnetic energies of your pearls have caused such a profound change. Many thanks for your work!"


"The pearls have such an high, pure energy, I frequently connect with the places I have put them. Then I can see light columns with my inner eye, emanating from there into the Earth grid. They are getting wider over time. My heart each time jumps blissfully."

"I was walking down a path in the woods and I sensed that a pearl wanted to be placed here, but I'd left it back in the car. When I bent over at a little stream, suddenly my personal pear slipped out. I already had a location in  mind for the pearl, but it was obvious, it should be placed here! I didn't want to hand over my personal pearl, so I went back to the car to get an Earth healing pearl. When I placed it, the place magically changed. Just then I saw what a beautiful strip of wood this actually was. There were machines standing around and you could still see the traces of the wood works - but they didn't matter any more, it was as if they weren't there at all, the energies could completely freely flow. What a miracle!"
"You energize these pearls with so much love and devotion, so much power is contained inside and it's like there's a magical glamour over them."


"We delivered the magnetic peal to Earth in such a special ritual. It was so wonderful and fascinating, how many beings were around us, accompanying us. The pearl is of such an intense energetic brilliance, vivid, pulsating and powerful."


"As I was changing at the main station, suddenly the thought crossed my mind, to leave here a pearl. At first I wondered at this thought, the station is such an unpleasant, technical place. But somehow it also seemed right. So many people get through here. I also was thinking about those many refugees arriving here (it was the time of huge refugee streams). So I took heart. Not to get the attention of the railway officer who was standing around closely, I tried to lie low while I was preparing the place and then threw the pearl into the track. The moment the pearl touched the ground, there was a wave of light spreading out all around the station. - If I had kept doubts on the location, now they were gone. I have left pearl at a few stations since then!"


"The marvellous "magical-magnetic lovepearl" has been delivered to Earth by me with great delight inside a circle of twelve oak trees at one of the highest places in the woods. I did this with a wonderful ritual.
Before I went off to do this, Buddha gave it a blessing! The pearl had been left in the care of Buddha ever since I had it at home, I have to add.
The ritual in the woods was so unique indescribable, so wonderful, so enchanting. When I entered this place, there was only silence, no sound was heard. The evening sun sparkled through the foliage onto a fern carpet with three birches. When I tuned myself in at first and then finished the invocation, everything turned colourful! I had also build a small alter for the beings of nature and lit a tea candle on it. Three buzzards, flying that low and over my head, sat down in front of me one after the other, butterflies found their way to the ferns, wind came up and gently greeted me, the element all were present ... At the end a white falcon closely flew over me and the birds began singing again. It was gorgeous - so mystic and so magic."


"I brought the pearl into the woods here. I laid it down close to the trunk of a beech, a tree like a warrior. Ferns are growing there, a loose group of healthy trees, the sunrays reach till the ground. It was a little difficult to find the "perfect" spot, but thereby I realized that it isn't that important, because everything is Mother Earth. Also I didn't want to prefer one tree to the others. I think, they agreed and noticed that I honoured everyone of them.
The other day I was driving with my car by the forest road and sensed a powerful energy wall actually pushing out of the forest. I thought: The pearl! That will be the pearl, it's the "back side" of the wood.
The other pearl for now lies in the garden and we have more birds again here, especially tits, sparrows and blackbirds. In spring there had been so many ravens, magpies and pigeons, which after my feeling drove away the smaller ones ... now they're back and I'm so happy about it."


"One pearl we brought to a chapel in the mountains. It was a beautiful, cosmopolitan, modern chapel. The altar was a rock, on it a statue of Jesus with widely spread arms and as background the mountain range, lit up by his radiance. But despite all the profound intentions of its creator, there was no strong power noticeable, as it mostly is the case in the old chapels. We stuck a pearl into a fissure of the stone. And it began beaming! It was as if the picture was made alive and the creator's inspiration now gained the strength to manifest. The whole mountain chain enlightened with Jesus' light."


"The tree, the plants emitted flashes of light, as if they wanted to build light roots at the moment I touched the ground with the pearl."


"The pearls really give me much pleasure. One is with me on the desk at the tax office in the thick of things, I just planned to shortly put it down. I know, it feels completely contented and takes care of the energies, that's just super."


"A friend - clairvoyant - suggested there was a pearl at a tree brightly shining. Actually the pearl had wanted to go on to another tree after some days. The light imprint is firmly anchored, thus brilliant. Still most pearls stay at their place! Would be awesome to see all the shining of all the places some day."
"I was led to a part of the woods, which lies at the very top of one of the many hills shaping the countryside around here. In the wood I was welcomed by a beech tree. A great, majestic tree, which felt for me like the centre of a network. I embedded the pearl to its feet, in a niche of its roots. Kuthumi was bringing energies that day and it all matched so wonder-ful. I remained there for a while - at the great beech tree, giving some tones with my pentatonic flute.
The day before I went out in the evening with the wonderful pearl to sense the direction to give it to Earth the next day. And while I was walking, the setting sun was shining through the clouds - like benedictory regards. Imbued with silence and confidence, light of healing and new order. And I was standing there, the pearl in my hand ..."


"I, too, could already commit the Earth pearls to very needy places in a sacred act (ritual). At the brown coal surface mine and a stone quarry much pleasure of the beings of nature could be felt. the idea to bring this magnetic love pearls to the withered places is ingenious."


"While I was strolling through the village, the little, vivid stream, crossing it, showed itself. And I knew: Here the pearl wants to stay. And so I made contact with all the nature and water beings that shined and delighted, and gave the pearl to the clear and bubbling water."




"When I planted the magnetic pearl, as soon as I stood up there was a beautiful butterfly quietly laying in the grass, just barely fluttering. I laid it nearby in a shrubbery shelter and acknowledged the confirmation of the gift of transformation connected with our magnetic donation. My heart still feels warm and full from this. We feel deeply honoured to be of service."