Earth healing project



There are places on earth where you instinctively feel good, like places in the wilderness where you naturally recharge and gain new strength. On the other hand there are places which actually feel imbalanced, exhausting and unsettling: If the natural balance of a place is disturbed, it depresses its ambience just as the well-being of the people and creatures living or staying there.


The earth healing pearls are an easy, powerful possibility to restore a place's original order or to amplify its radiance. Although bothering or imbalancing circumstances may not be changeable, they get a counterweight. Thus the place gets stabilised and is brought into harmony with the planet.


Earth healing pearls


The earth healing pearls are charged with the all-embracing primal energy of origin. When they are placed somewhere they clear that place's energies, as well as support its real quality and brightness. They restore harmony with the planet and the cosmos. The pearls affect the complete planet. They are interconnected with each other - amplifying their strength and forming a grid which surrounds earth. Through every pearl the whole power of the grid is enhanced and through every pearl the collective power of the grid effects a place.


Magnetic primal energy


This primal energy is often called magnetic energy - meaning a force more original, primordial and elementary than physical magnetism - but magnetic attraction and field-order form a suitable image for it.


This magnetic energy is the neutral basic energy of unity and order of all that is. It includes everything else and harmonically integrates it into the whole. On all levels it restores the natural order, if necessary: All destructive, unhealthy, illusion is thus transformed into the inherent constructive, healthy and real.


Making of the pearls


The healing pearls carry that primal energy. Therefore the glass marbles are dedicated to it in a ritual. Afterwards they need three days to fully charge. Each pearl is made individually. They are vividly connected to the universal field of primal magnetic energy and thus constantly adapting accordingly.




The pearls are generally free of charge. However for the costs and work donations are appreciated!