Personal pearl



The magnetic original energy is equally as healing for humans as for the planet. It also recovers our original order, harmony and stability.


The pearl assists us re-entering the natural flow of energies. It works balancing whenever we are off our centre, not feeling well, following depressing thoughts or feelings. It helps us order our thoughts, clear our feelings, harmonize our body and expand our consciousness.




Usage of the pearl is very simple. You can take it in your hand or carry it with you. The most intense effect it has is in body contact. If you consciously connect with it, embrace it, it can work even more profoundly.

You might also feel it physically. The touch point can prickle or burn a little. Take care that the energy does not get overwhelming, especially when you start with it. This could lead to unpleasant symptoms like a feverish feeling, headache, restlessness and discomfort; however the pearl cannot do any harm. Its energy is alive, adaptable and self-intelligent.

- The best way is using it instinctively, without thinking.


The pearl connects with your personal energies. Therefore you should have your own. Another person's energy cannot do harm, but can irritate.
It is also possible to use the pearl only generally for energizing a room.


The personal pearls are a gift, too. Donations are however always welcome. 




Please note: The pearl does not substitute a doctor or therapist. There are no healing promises.